The Deluge

Several years ago, I heard a remarkable story - its message is so powerful that it remains forever engraved in my mind as being noteworthy and worth remembering always. You will soon realise why. “One day, it so happened that a tiny village was totally washed away in the torrential rain that caused flash floods, …

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A Different Definition of Freedom

Many people have the constant fear in their mind that if they don’t modify their behaviour to suit the group, then they won’t be able “to fit in” with the crowd. Why worry about it when actually it is a matter of personal choice? If one disapproves strongly of the attitudes, activities and behaviour of …

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The Point of No Return

You might not believe this fact but driven Anger that is used in the right direction and for the correct purposes is a very positive aspect of this mostly negatively perceived emotion. Just like Fear - the latter is necessary to keep us alert, cautious, alive and safe. With regard to Anger, sometimes strong words …

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Keeping Up With The Joneses

We have heard it being said oft and on and seen it happen more and more frequently in our day-to-day lives not to know what this expression means: it simply implies the fact of 'keeping up appearances' to suit other people's whims, fancies and behaviour. It's about putting up a masked performance on the stage …

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