The Universal Language of Kindness

There are various reasons why some people are always angry and are constantly looking to create problems for others and to start a serious argument with them - there is so much anger, hurt, bitterness and even hatred within such individuals that it cannot stay hidden for long. Soon enough, the dam bursts and a …

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Blindness and Blind Spots

Everyone knows what blindness is - it’s the gradual or complete loss of vision that can occur either at birth or due to other extraneous factors - within or beyond our control. Fairly common medical conditions that cause the loss of sight are cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment and diabetic retinopathy- to name just a few. …

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In the Pursuit of Excellence and Success

It’s a universal truth that some people feel pangs of jealousy & insecurity in the presence of another individual’s excellence in whatever vocation, position, job or field of interest it might concern. The latter perceive the other’s success as a threat to their own perceived mediocrity - least realising that each & every one of …

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The Art of Knowing What To Ignore

THE ART OF KNOWING IS TO KNOW WHAT TO IGNORE: There are several examples applicable here but I will speak of the most important aspect of this pertinent quote affecting personal relationships. When things go wrong between friends and confrontation becomes a highly likely explosive issue, one must decide what matters more - one’s ego …

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