The Last Laugh

Human beings are their own worst enemies - one way or another. It's a sad, immortal and an unchangeable truth of life. No one can help those if they do not choose to help themselves first. It amazes me how some people still don't understand the gravity of a pandemic - the macabre dance of …

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When It is Just a Bit Too Late – Living a Life Filled with Regret

Here are a series of posts but they all tell a similar story: "Certain people never appreciate what they have, till it becomes something that they had. They tend not to appreciate the people in their lives until they've lost them. Why should it be that way? Life is strange in that sense - it …

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Walking a Mile in Your Shoes

"Do not stand on judgment of another till you have walked at least a mile in his / her shoes." This well-known saying isn't cryptic at all - the message is simple enough - do not judge other people by your yardstick, or at all, for that matter. We do not know what the opposite …

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Rise Up!

The Strongest among us are not those who have never known the dark despair of failure and who have never had to endure countless episodes of humiliation. These people are the ones who actively choose to learn from their mistakes - they listen well; abide more and try fervently never to repeat the same mistakes …

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