Encore: Again, Again and Again

https://youtu.be/JykHpu9GMZ8?t=1 "Again" Do Piano A wallA roadA carAloneAgain A treeA skyA sunAbove, far offA birdA planeA top, grade high required A trainA girlA boyInsideOutsideMake love again AgainAgain, again, again A cloudA dreamA wave, secret, silentA fightA life A nightNowhereElsewhereA lightA phone A newAlwaysSomethingA moonA drink A bedToo lateTonightTo make love again AgainAgain, again, againAgain, again, …

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A Simple Matter of Perception and Perspective

It’s a SIMPLE MATTER OF PERCEPTION AND PERSPECTIVE - it’s controversial- I know – but allow me to share it with you nonetheless. This essay is very pertinent considering the current catastrophic and difficult circumstances caused by the Corona Virus Pandemic and the widespread occurrence of natural calamities; the increasing incidence of unemployment, poverty, crime, …

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A Cry in the Dark

    THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY AND IS BASED UPON TRUE EVENTS, AS THEY ACTUALLY OCCURRED. "Evil Angels" (film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Evil Angels", released as "A Cry in the Dark" outside of Australia and New Zealand, is a 1988 Australian film directed by Fred Schepisi. The screenplay by Schepisi and Robert …

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The Road to Hell or Salvation? A Matter of Our Own Deliberate Choices

"The Road to Hell" - Chris Rea Stood still on a highway I saw a woman By the side of the road With a face that I knew like my own Reflected in my window Well she walked up to my quarterlight And she bent down real slow A fearful pressure paralysed me In my …

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