Walking a Mile in Your Shoes

"Do not stand on judgment of another till you have walked at least a mile in his / her shoes." This well-known saying isn't cryptic at all - the message is simple enough - do not judge other people by your yardstick, or at all, for that matter. We do not know what the opposite …

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The Universal Language of Kindness

There are various reasons why some people are always angry and are constantly looking to create problems for others and to start a serious argument with them - there is so much anger, hurt, bitterness and even hatred within such individuals that it cannot stay hidden for long. Soon enough, the dam bursts and a …

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The Point of No Return

You might not believe this fact but driven Anger that is used in the right direction and for the correct purposes is a very positive aspect of this mostly negatively perceived emotion. Just like Fear - the latter is necessary to keep us alert, cautious, alive and safe. With regard to Anger, sometimes strong words …

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The Impact of a Single Episode of Misunderstanding on Our Lives

“Hooked on Inspiration’s Blog’ (www.hookedoninspiration.org) – as most of you already know – was created by this author in 2012 with the single most important goal being to create for ourselves “a Better Tomorrow; a Better Future and a Better World.” There are more than 150 blog posts on this site. Each blog has been …

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