Masquerade: Painted Paper, Masked Faces on Parade

https://youtu.be/mON5dbdm63M “Masquerade / Why So Silent?” Song by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cast Of "The Phantom of The Opera" Motion Picture Masquerade, paper faces on paradeMasquerade, hide your face so the world will never find youMasquerade, every face a different shadeMasquerade, look around, there's another mask behind you Flash of mauve, splash of puceFool and …

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Cold as Ice

"Cold As Ice" - Foreigner You're as cold as ice Foreigner - "Cold as Ice" Dr. Erica Bohannon Jaydyn Ridgely Kim Clarkson Charlize Ridgely as a child. Charlize Ridgely as a mature woman. Forensic Anthropologists at work in the Morgue of the OCME. Lord Shiva Shiva as the Lord of Dance. A lioness The Peaceful …

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