Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge (1940 film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterloo_Bridge_(1940 film) MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Plot After Britain's declaration of war in World War II, army colonel Roy Cronin is driven to London's Waterloo station on his way to France, and briefly alights on Waterloo Bridge to reminisce about events that occurred during World War I when he met Myra Lester, whom …

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A Cry in the Dark

    THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY AND IS BASED UPON TRUE EVENTS, AS THEY ACTUALLY OCCURRED. "Evil Angels" (film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Evil Angels", released as "A Cry in the Dark" outside of Australia and New Zealand, is a 1988 Australian film directed by Fred Schepisi. The screenplay by Schepisi and Robert …

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Creatures of the Night

Self Control - Laura Branigan Oh, the night is my world City light painted girl In the day nothing matters It's the night time that flatters In the night, no control Through the wall something's breaking Wearing white as you're walkin' Down the street of my soul You take my self, you take my self control …

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