My ‘’ Customer Review of “Disco Megamix” – Performed by Enigma

As a potential customer on Amazon, let me advise you that it is always a good idea to be open-minded about one’s purchases. Go in with an open mind and with the least of expectations regarding the product and you’re less likely to be disappointed, in the long run. When I perused this item on this site, there were no customer reviews to guide me but there was a notification from Amazon, to the effect, “Only 1 left in stock; order soon!” The latter is a very good indication that an item is fast-moving and is likely to be fairly popular. Enigma is known for its mystical music; I, personally, have never heard of this group as having created any disco megamixes. This philosophy, at once, made this product enigmatic and well-worth a second glance. It seemed to be quite a risky purchase since it was an almost unknown quantity as CDs go – yet, I suppose that is part of the thrill of the chase. That’s how it came into my possession.

Let me spell it out clearly for you, if you are expecting the enigmatic tones and the mystical beats of Enigma, you are likely to be sorely disappointed. However, as Disco Megamixes go, this is as good as any other and to be honest, I love it! I tend to be a big fan of the Disco Era and this CD is highly reminiscent of that well-loved era. Since the performer is Enigma, the songs are all “cover versions” of the originals (naturally!) but they are very like the originals. Some popular items featured here are Donna Summer’s “Wanderer” and “Hot Stuff” “Love Train, The Hustle,” “I Will Survive,” of Gloria Gaynor fame, Blondie’s “Rapture,” Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,” and it even features some favourite oldies such as “Y Viva España,” “Una Paloma Blanca,” Boney M’s “Rasputin,” “D.I.S.C.O.,” “Que Sera Mi Vida,” Copacabana” and Born To Be Alive.”

As a Disco mix, it is a non-stop, foot-tapping megamix and it will certainly make you want to get up and groove to the music. You can safely take my word for it – for any die-hard fan of the Disco Era, this is a ‘must-have.’ Go in with an open mind, when you make this purchase and you’ll soon see how your happiness levels spike. Well-worth it, is what I say!

"Disco Megamix" - Enigma CD Cover Art.
“Disco Megamix” – Enigma CD Cover Art.
The Enigma Mix
The Enigma Mix
Enigma - the music group that is famous for its enigmatic, 'Gregorian-sounding' and mystical music, with 'catchy' drum beats and  foot-tapping background sounds.
Enigma – the music group that is famous for its enigmatic, ‘Gregorian-sounding’ and mystical music, with ‘catchy’ drum beats and foot-tapping background sounds.

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