The Enduring Impact of the First and Last Impression

As I pen this blog, I can’t help feeling that of my readers must be thinking inwardly- “Oh, my goodness! From where has this ‘phantom’ author suddenly resurfaced? Can it really be her?”

The answer is plain and simple- I’m not a phantom by any stretch of the imagination and it’s most definitely me – I’ve turned up like a bad penny. And a very big hello to all my faithful readers!

The fact is that I started out taking – what I thought would be a short sabbatical from writing but unfortunately, the period was rather long. I suffer from a carpal tunnel problem in my wrists and fingers and it helps very much to relax one’s hands after a long and unduly stressful day at the office. Please forgive me for my long absence from writing on this blog site.

Sometimes, my mind is in a total state of blankness- I prefer not to force myself to pen blogs without the correct and proper inspiration. The latter is necessary for focused thought.

For all those who might need a gentle reminder about what “Hooked on Inspiration’s Blog” ( concerns: its primary tag line is strongly in support of “a Better Tomorrow; a Better Future and a Better World.” This premise might seem lofty to you but it’s no longer a distant dream. More than 120 blogs have been penned by this author on this website and each and every blog has been published to the general public of the world. This author is already well-known across the globe – it is not her intention to get further accolades and world acclaim. She sincerely hopes to translate her good intentions into concrete action by teaching the world’s audience to become better people so that we leave as our enduring legacy a better world for the generations to come.

So, let’s speak about how first and last impressions leave a lasting impact on our lives and the lives of the people with whom we associate these impressions and opinions.

First impressions are extremely important- it’s not only one’s general physical appearance, posture, manner and attire that affect us; sometimes, first impressions are formed solely on our instinctive likes or dislikes of a person based on his/her attitudes and opinions. Sometimes, these likes and dislikes of another are dictated by gut feelings and at times, even a silent voice or sixth sense. While sometimes we might be wrong in these impulsive judgments, more often than not, we tend to be right rather than wrong in our initial opinions. It’s happened with me anyway. I don’t know how many people agree or disagree on this point with me.

A last impression is as important as the first one – this is because large chunks of the intervening period in a person’s life remain in a haze, similar to a blur in our minds. People rarely remember what one has said or what one might have done, but they certainly remember, in the end, how one has made the other feel. This is an extremely pertinent point – please do keep it strongly in mind. If you have done good and benevolent things in your life that have greatly benefited others, then these good deeds become the last and lasting impression for most people by which they will remember you. The same is true for the contrary premise.

You will never get a second chance to leave a good first impression- remember this truth well. Also do not forget that the very last impression leaves an equally enduring opinion in the minds of the people that we come across in our lives.

It’s very important, this fact – our behaviour, attitudes and opinions largely contribute to making this Earth a better place to live in. Let’s all unite as one in this endeavour!!

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