When an Apology Becomes The Most Beautiful Thing In The World

THE BEAUTY OF AN APOLOGY: a short, succinct message from the archives of this author of http://www.hookedoninspiration.org

“Sorry, please forgive me” are not just words originating from the Oxford Dictionary; they can take the form of small actions that convey the very same message just as loudly and effectively.

Actions speak a thousand unspoken words – a winning smile, a warm hug and a kiss do just as well. Not all people apologise – they either cannot or will not do so because they feel it is a sign of weakness and that it goes against their grain. This is not true – a verbal apology takes a lot of strength and courage.

For the person that receives such actions, given in good faith and graciously, what else is there to do? Well, of course, return the hug and kiss with as much sincerity and warmth.
The unspoken message that goes across – “Apology accepted. Things just got a lot better between us!”

That’s the Absolute Truth.

An apology- believe it or not – blesses those who give it, as much as those that receive and accept it in the most sincere form in which it was extended.

It is Twice Blessed, just like the beautiful quality of Mercy. William Shakespeare spoke of it several aeons ago – it was true then; it is still true today and it shall remain true till the end of Time.

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