Encore: Again, Again and Again

https://youtu.be/JykHpu9GMZ8?t=1 "Again" Do Piano A wallA roadA carAloneAgain A treeA skyA sunAbove, far offA birdA planeA top, grade high required A trainA girlA boyInsideOutsideMake love again AgainAgain, again, again A cloudA dreamA wave, secret, silentA fightA life A nightNowhereElsewhereA lightA phone A newAlwaysSomethingA moonA drink A bedToo lateTonightTo make love again AgainAgain, again, againAgain, again, …

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Dance of Flaming Fury in the Face of Reprehensible Evil

"We are the World; We are the People" and our lives are based on CHOICES and PRIORITIES. MAKE YOUR CHOICES CAREFULLY......LET ME TELL YOU WHY IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU DO SO. A mistake that is committed once is forgivable because we are all mortals and none of us can claim infallibility. Some mistakes are …

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The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

"The Reincarnation of Peter Proud" is a movie, of the suspense-thriller genre, that was released in 1975. It concerns a Californian college professor, Dr. Peter Proud (Michael Sarrazin) who is traumatized by recurring nightmares that haunt him. He is even more baffled when after attending a 'sleep lab', he finds out that his dreams do not register …

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