A Simple Matter of Perception and Perspective

It’s a SIMPLE MATTER OF PERCEPTION AND PERSPECTIVE – it’s controversial- I know – but allow me to share it with you nonetheless.

This essay is very pertinent considering the current catastrophic and difficult circumstances caused by the Corona Virus Pandemic and the widespread occurrence of natural calamities; the increasing incidence of unemployment, poverty, crime, domestic violence and riots, the abuse and torture of voiceless animals; the global recession and untold other problems – problems that are so numerous that there’s no end to them….

The question here is, considering the above contemporary circumstances and trying situation that we all find ourselves facing today: ‘Why believe in God? Does God even exist?’

This is my personal opinion and I sincerely hope it will be respected – it does not imply acceptance, in any form, unless you want to accept this point of view.

Some people choose to be areligious, agnostic or are atheists. That’s really their right, their opinion and their prerogative. We can’t ask people to share all our beliefs and opinions. They will do what they want to do and there’s nothing really that either we, or any other person, can do about it.

The belief in God, in my opinion, strengthens our Conscience of what is Right and of what is Wrong – most importantly, it strengthens the undeniable fact that there’s no real freedom, as we think of it, to do anything and everything that takes our whims and fancy. We can’t say whatever we wish to anyone because however true it may be, being right matters less and being kind matters much, much more. Wisdom is less important than Kindness, believe me. Practice this simple philosophy and people will respect you for it.

The belief in God strengthens the fact of Accountability and the undoubted truth that we are ALL answerable to a Higher and Absolute Authority of Power for our actions, or lack thereof.

It’s not about the belief in Religion, as we know it – it’s not about praying copiously and performing umpteen expensive rituals that benefit the priesthood more than it has ever been a call for true prayer to God. Being religious doesn’t necessarily make us better people- ultimately, many rituals are only man-made- we must realise this fact. However, being spiritually-minded WILL make us better people, believe it or not. It is simply the disciplined practice of Good Words, Good Thoughts and Good Deeds that will make a Better Tomorrow, a Better Future and a Better World. Isn’t that what every single one of us truly wants? Think about it. The latter is, in my opinion, the practice of true religion.

There is only ONE God – He is All-Powerful; Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. God is akin to a parent – He reserves the Absolute Right to Love and Forgive when there’s true repentance. He also reserves the Absolute Power to mete out punishment when all avenues of recourse fail. It’s His Way of quelling all forms of Wrong and Evil in the world; remember that some people are so inherently evil that no form of redemption, except death, will stop them from continuing their wicked ways unchecked in the world. You must understand that if Man has made jails and prisons for the protection of the common people, then why can’t God have His own ways of dealing with various untenable problems? Think about it….

The moment that we accept that we are undeniably answerable for all our actions (or lack thereof) to a Higher and Absolute Authority – this acceptance itself is the essence of true maturity, responsibility and basic accountability will make us better people. It certainly will not happen overnight but if each one of us truly decides to be disciplined, we will realise that what does not harm us, might just about help us. Just think about it….

Why not then try practising this philosophy? Try believing that we are all accountable for our deeds and answerable to God for what we do or didn’t do. See how it changes your attitude, thought processes and behaviour. This change of heart might surprise you in ways that you never thought possible. Think about it is all I ask.

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