Living With The ‘Time-Servers’ In Our Lives

As many of you are already aware, “Hooked on Inspiration’s Blog” is an intriguing blog site dedicated to the psychology of human behaviour, using various innovative methods, in the most unique ways possible.

I started blogging in approximately October 2012 and my blogging continues till date, as you can see.  Here, you will find more than 150 blogs posted publicly for its readers from all over the globe. This site hopes to create global awareness so that we can all pitch in, in good measure, to create “a Better Tomorrow, a Better Future & a Better World” and I am deeply passionate about this purpose. I sincerely hope that some fine day, it can be achieved – it would make us happier and healthier – don’t you think so?

This writer is not hoping to achieve global acclaim – you can read the Blog Stats, easily visible, on the site – – to see that she has already achieved it. My worldwide readers have visited this site more than 150,000 times. My Facebook Public Page has more than 16,000 readers. The only reason why I feel it’s necessary to inform you of these facts is to help you  understand how a great many people have realised its worth and have made active efforts to act up on it. You might not believe it, but it is true when I say that I have seen a change for the better in a lot of people around me in my daily life. Sometimes, as you can well imagine, a few hard truths need to be told to achieve this purpose – I am sure you can see why it is so necessary.

In brief, this blog site will better educate you on WHY people behave in the way that they do and how the understanding of this fact calls for a better reaction and response from our perspective.

As I write this blog, I truly wonder why I neglected writing it so late? Anyway, better late than never, is what I believe.

The topic for discussion today is when people choose to react to others around them as ‘a matter of convenience.’ Allow me to elaborate – years ago, when I was returning home from work with a friend, she spoke to me of some people being, according to her – ‘time-servers.’ I felt like laughing because I found the expression quite funny and I asked her what she could possibly mean by it. According to her, it is when people react favourably to certain situations because it suits their needs, convenience and purposes. If the latter occurs and such people find that their needs and desires have not been met in the way that they wish it to be so, their mask of so-called sincerity falls and they reveal their true colours.

This is truly the main reason why there are so many pseudo, fickle-minded, superficial and insincere people in our world today. Such people respect material objects more than they respect their own fellow beings or any living being for that matter. They are people who will be good to you only if their hidden agenda and ulterior motives are satisfied and met – otherwise not.

Here is the undeniable fact – sincerity, benevolence and goodness are NOT a matter of convenience – it never is and never was. These virtues are not like a ‘ hidden face mask’ to be worn when your hidden purposes, basic wants, selfishness and egoism is served, A good person is an all-round sincere individual – anyone can be good and well-meaning when life’s seas are smooth-sailing but it takes true strength of character, discipline, consistency, persistence and humility to be a true friend when the waves throw up a storm of choppy and unpredictable weather – just like temperamental people. We must all practice the art of being good people – often, it might take swallowing one’s pride, ego and anger but the result, believe me, is well-worth the sacrifice and effort.

You will think – why should I do it? Each one of us needs to build a strong inner Conscience of what is Right and what is Wrong. We should always be answerable to ourselves in the truest form possible – it involves being able to live comfortably with one’s actions – or lack thereof. Remember well the dictum – GOOD WORDS; GOOD THOUGHTS AND GOOD DEEDS – you do not need to be of the Zoroastrian faith to follow these simple rules of life. These rules are for us all, young and old people alike.

Let me put it very simply – we really cannot expect the world to change for us – thinking in this way is pure arrogance on our part. Change for the Better always needs to emerge from within. It begins with trying to be a consistently good human being, regardless of  the circumstances of what we want. We will soon see how other people, in their own turn, react correctly and favourably to us.

GOODNESS BEGETS GOODNESS because Life is an Echo of our actions and reactions put together.

RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT – the latter is not our birth-right; it is not owed to us. It is earned like anything else. Please – let us all try to earn it. It is just one way of making our world a better place to live in – isn’t that truly what we ALL want?

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