The Universal Language of Kindness

There are various reasons why some people are always angry and are constantly looking to create problems for others and to start a serious argument with them – there is so much anger, hurt, bitterness and even hatred within such individuals that it cannot stay hidden for long. Soon enough, the dam bursts and a torrent of horrific emotions spew forth, with undoubted negative repercussions.

Many people consider such individuals as being rude, outspoken and obnoxious – yet, it may surprise you to know that such people need help – not just from mental health professionals – but it’s the expression of genuine kindness from the opposite party that such people really need and respond positively to.

If you feel it impossible to react with either a kind word or a benevolent action, then it’s best to walk quietly away and to make it a point of not reacting at all.

Kindness is a language that is understood universally by the gentle tone of one’s words and by the sheer benevolence and positivity of one’s reaction to such perverse behaviour. It spells harmony and brotherhood in no small way. It goes beyond the barriers of age, religion, race and creed – this fact stands true anywhere in the world. It always has and always will.

You may be inclined not to believe this fact but it is a universal truth – no more; no less. Don’t you agree?

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