When It is Just a Bit Too Late – Living a Life Filled with Regret

Here are a series of posts but they all tell a similar story:

“Certain people never appreciate what they have, till it becomes something that they had. They tend not to appreciate the people in their lives until they’ve lost them.

Why should it be that way? Life is strange in that sense – it takes many aspects of the negative to appreciate the positive. Be thankful for who you have and what you have in your life now and not later when it will most likely be too late!”

“It is not so important that we are always very busy pursuing the goals in our life; most people are as busy, if not busier.

Yet, there are some people who make special efforts to make the time for the people who they love and care for. It is for the latter category of people that we too should care about. Make time for such people- it matters. True, isn’t it?”

“Life is a rat race, it’s true, but that’s a poor reason for good friends to drift apart, don’t you think so too?

Make time in your busy schedule for the people who matter – some day, it might be too late to redeem the lost time. Not everyone can (or will) pick up the strings where the friendship left off – simply because these same people got tired of waiting and waiting and decided to move on with their lives.

Don’t take people for granted; don’t assume they will be around for you when you need them – may be they will or they won’t. That’s just how Life works. Don’t you agree?”

“In today’s mad & stressful rat-race that we call Life, it would be nice to see how many people actually care enough to react to this very pertinent post.

If you do not respond to it, I won’t judge you.The reason is simple enough- it has nothing to do with what my opinion is of you; however, it will reflect amply on the kind of person that you are. Sad but true!”

“There are various reasons why certain people cross our Path on the Road of Life: these persons enter our lives either for a Reason, a Season or for a Lifetime. Appreciate the existence of such people – they unwittingly make us better and stronger people. Sometimes, it makes us wonder if it’s Karma because what goes around, comes around – that’s for sure – for some people it’s sooner rather than later.

There’s always a hidden reason behind it all and sometimes the explanation of ‘why’ is not immediately apparent or forthcoming – if at all. The only thing that remains true is the saying – “God moves in mysterious ways; His Wonders to Perform.” It is not for us to question His ways.

Another fact of life, isn’t it?”

“There’s so much that we take for granted; it’s only when we lose what we have that we realise its true worth.”

What’s the purpose of Life if at the end of it we feel burdened with guilt, despair and regret? Let us not make it that way – that’s all I can truly say.

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