The Last Laugh

Human beings are their own worst enemies – one way or another. It’s a sad, immortal and an unchangeable truth of life. No one can help those if they do not choose to help themselves first.

It amazes me how some people still don’t understand the gravity of a pandemic – the macabre dance of death playing out a grisly vision daily before their eyes seems to affect them little – if at all. Living in their Ivory Towers, they feel nothing can or will touch them. However, Death is the Great Leveller – it makes no discrimination whatsoever based on age, gender, religion, wealth, race, caste or creed.

Don’t play around with your life; think of how your selfishness and callous attitude might impact other more vulnerable individuals. It’s critically important – especially at this time – to try one’s level best to maintain all possible safety precautions for the maintenance of sustained good health – our own health and that of those who we come into contact with.

When will some people stop treating this whole situation as a practical joke? Playing around with life – the joke is not so much on the opposite contracting party; believe me, the joke is on you. So how do you plan to play it? Tell me.

Wearing a face mask at “half mast” with one’s nose uncovered; going for a morning walk to take in the ‘fresh air;’ visiting the houses of family, friends and neighbours; flouting curfew, lockdown and social distancing norms – these are just a few instances of the contemporary state of mind and basic indifference of some people in front of the gaping jaws of the sneaky and highly virulent Corona Virus.

We can save ourselves and the lives of others by following the rules – but the question is will everyone obey? At the rate that things currently stand in this pandemic, I very much doubt it.

So, who will have the Last Laugh? You decide.

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